Is Phin Mason In The Comics?

Does Fin Mason appear in the comics?

Tinker (Phineas Mason) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. … The character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #

Fin Mason is black?

Fin has fair skin and flowing locks and is by far the longest-living black female character.

Finn in the comics?

comic tale

Phineas Fin Mason is a minor antagonist in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. As she matured and befriended Miles Morales, she became a foreman and boss of the subway that declared war on Roxxon.

Is Miles in love with Fin?

In the game, Fin is Miles’ childhood best friend, and it is clear from the start of the game that he is his love interest.

Is Fin a real character?

Who is Fin Mason in Spider-Man: Miles Morales? Spoiler alert: In the comics, Fin Mason’s character is actually a man (named Phineas) who also appears in Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by Michael Cernu.

Will End Miles Morales return?

Fin seems to be the only character here who will never return. It’s unclear exactly how the inevitable Spider-Man sequel might play out, but Miles Morales’ ending implies that both versions of Spider-Man will be playable in the sequel.

Who is Miles Morales in love with?

SpiderGwen and Miles Moralless Mutual Spidey Crush are canon. …While Miles and Gwen are something of a tertiary couple in the growing Spider-Men scene, Miles and Gwen are becoming increasingly popular.

How old is Finn Miles Morales?

Fin was eighteen years old at the time of his death.

Who is the girlfriend of Miles Morales in the game?

Katherine Bishop (from Earth 1610) is an alternate version of Katherine Bishop, who is currently believed to be Miles Morales’ girlfriend, one year after Venom killed her mother.

Is Fin Mason really dead?

The explosion will obviously kill Fin, but she accepts her fate, takes responsibility for her actions, and begs Miles to let her go. …but Fin dies, apparently vaporized by the gunshots