Is Jeanine Matthews A Divergent?

Divergent Janine Matthews?

Janine Matthews is the sole government member of the science faction and the main antagonist of the Divergent trilogy. She is also described as cold, calculating, and brutally manipulative. She has a deep desire for absolute control.



Jeanine Matthews Status

Triss’s mother is different?

In Allegiant, Tris finds out that her mother is actually pure (deviant, meaning normal people like us, with no altered genes) and is from Milwaukee, not Chicago (where Tris lived most of her life).

Is Cristina separated?

The next night, Tris wakes Christine up and tells her that she is going to Apnegation to see her brother, but is actually going to Erudite to introduce herself as Divergent.

Did twins Tris and Caleb split up?

Tris is Caleb’s younger sister. Caleb often berates Tris for her ruthless behavior. You have a good relationship. They are only a few months old, so in the same year they will take an aptitude test.

Is Pierre also Divergent?

Does not diverge. …He showed some Dauntless and Erudite traits, which is technically fine, but he’s only 20% lower (Eric tried Insurgent, 2 factions = 20% I think, but I don’t have it). he actually did the math for Exdi).

Why is it called tris sei?

Initially, Tris had 7 fears, but then there were 6, including: being eaten by crows, which symbolizes her family’s rebellion against her/impotence. Drowning in a tub of water symbolizes weakness and the inability to escape. The men approach him in the room symbolically resigning from her, fearing death.

Does Tris belong to the 5 factions?

In Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent, Beatrice Priors’ (Tris) society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to cultivating a particular virtue. However, when the factions were formed, each took on both a negative and a positive trait. Factions: Self-Sacrifice, Scientist, Fearless, Friendship, and Sincerity.

Does Tobias fall in love with Christina?

To the surprise of many fans, Cuatro and Cristina fall in love. Roth ends the story with hope for both of them, with Catre admitting, “We work and we dream. We fight, laugh and fall in love.

Is Shailene Woodley wearing a different wig?

Shailene Woodley told BuzzFeed that she insisted her character not wear a wig in the second film of the Divergent trilogy. … I talked to the director [Robert Schwentke] because he didn’t want to wear a wig. I always think that wigs are dirty, especially in action movies.

What do the four of them say to Tris after kissing?

Now Tris is no longer abused by Four, her boyfriend Dauntless. After they kiss for the first time, she pulls away from her and whispers, “I don’t want to go too fast.”

Why is Tris afraid of crows?

So Tobias received the nickname Quattro. Tris originally had 7 fears, but later there were 6, including: being eaten by crows, symbolizing her family’s rebellion against her/impotence. … The men who join her in the hall of symbolic abnegation of hers for fear of death.