Is American grub better than dried mealworms for chickens?

If you are an owner of chickens, then you will know that they really love to eat several types of insects. Those insects are also good for their health because they are rich in several essential nutrients. Among those insects, American grubs and mealworms are the most common types of insects that your chickens love to have.

However, both of them are not similar and hence, have different levels of nutrients. So, here are two kinds of insects and which one is better for your chickens.

brown hen on green grass during daytime, american grub , mealworms
Is American grub better than dried mealworms for chickens?

American grubs

American or white grubs are a specific kind of grubs of scarab beetles that usually damage turfgrass in several parts of America. Those grubs can be identified by the hairs or spines on their last segment of the abdomen. Most damages to those grubs do not come from themselves but from those animals who love to eat those grubs.

These grubs are a very good meal for your chickens as they are rich in several nutrients, along with 40% more protein, 27% crude fat, and even 85X more calcium than mealworms. Not only the big chickens but the baby chicken can also have American grubs.

Grubs not only add variety to the diet of your chickens but also give them the right kind of essential nutrients. Eating grubs can ensure that your chicken will have healthy feathers and bones. You just need to ensure that your chicken drinks plenty of water while having grubs as their meal.

Moreover, ensure how much American grub can your chickens have every day because moderation is important to make sure that they do not consume too much protein.

Benefits of American grubs

  • Grubs have a good amount of phosphorus and calcium that helps in the growth and development of bones and feathers.
  • Grubs offer an extra amount of protein.
  • Grubs have high fiber, which helps to prevent pasty butt.



Mealworms are mainly the larvae of the insect known as the darkling beetle. These beetles feed on the leaves of the plant and young seedlings.

These insects go through the complete metamorphosis process, which includes the phases like egg, larvae, pupa, and lastly, adult.  The mealworms are the larvae stage of those beetles that are very good food for your chickens.

Those mealworms contain about 25% fat, 50% protein, 7% fiber, and even a little amount of calcium. However, similar to American grubs, you should ensure how many mealworms your chickens can consume at a time.

Moreover, you need to remember that the nutritional value of both grubs and mealworms depends on the diet requirement of the chickens.

Benefits of mealworms

  • Mealworms contain a lot of protein, iron, and amino acids.

Why are American grubs better than mealworms?

Though mealworms have a good amount of protein, they do not have a good amount of calcium. Thus, mealworms cannot become a better option for your chickens than those American grubs.

As calcium is crucial for the growth and development of the bones and feathers of your chickens, you should choose American grubs over mealworms.

Moreover, unlike mealworms, American grubs carry very little to no potential diseases that can harm your chickens. Thus, grubs are often considered a safer option than those mealworms.

Therefore, due to some reasons, American grubs can be considered a better food option for your chickens than those mealworms.

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