Instagram Marketing: 5 Powerful Strategies you Must Follow

Is your Instagram activity going down daily? Do you want your brand to go viral in a few days? Do you wish to increase your selling points?

Well, who doesn’t? Let us tell you that Instagram marketing is quite competitive but not impossible. So, you are at the right spot to find unique and attractive tricks to gain subscribers.

According to Statista, there’re about 2 billion active Instagram users worldwide. You just need to publish good quality content to remain relevant to existing subscribers while bringing new ones.

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Instagram Marketing: 5 Powerful Strategies  you Must Follow

5 Powerful Strategies you Must Follow

So, let’s dive right into the article and come up with solutions.

1. Optimize profile and target audience:

The Instagram bio gives your viewers a first glance at your brand. So, you can provide a base description of your product, brand hashtags, links to your other social media platforms, and much more.

Also, try to target your audience through Instagram insights and free marketing tools. In a survey in 2022, 37% of respondents stated that their Instagram marketing goal is to reach a greater audience.

2. Create visually captivating content:

Instagram is a visual medium, so create well-lit, composed, and targeted videos and images to promote your brand.

The maximum duration of an Instagram video post is about 60 seconds, but you can go much longer with IGTV.

Use infographics and animations to make your content eye-catching and easy to read. As of January 2022, the post engagement increased to 3.15% due to photos and videos.

3. Organize giveaways and competitions:

You can get as creative as you wish. Be innovative and come up with ideas that attract people. Host competitions to entertain the members.

Post giveaways that provide you with more followers and comments on your posts. In our view, the two tips mentioned above will help you win more followership.

4. Work on hashtags and captions:

The best way to get more subscribers on  Instagram is to use hashtags. Pick your hashtags wisely. You can take help from the integrated Instagram discovery function to find trendy posts.

Instagram captions can have up to 2200 characters. So, your caption should be relevant, entertaining, informative, and convincing about the brand. In 2019, about 23.1% of Instagram posts had 4 to 10 hashtags.

5. Make stories and sponsored ads:

Stories are a vital part of Instagram’s marketing strategy. Use call to action to drive traffic to your page. Like your Instagram feed, your stories should match the voice and aesthetics of your brand.

Another way to boost the reach is to create ads. The key benefit of using sponsored ads is that you reach out to the people who are not already your existing subscribers.

Summing up:

Hopefully, these quick Instagram marketing techniques will bring more follow-ups to your brand page.

Instagram bio, insight audience, hashtags, captions, stories, sponsored ads, giveaways, and competitions are worth mentioning strategies for enhancing your business growth.

Now you have learned the secrets to make your brand number one. Implement these rules and let us know of your success.

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