How to message someone on Poshmark?

How to message someone on Poshmark? Well, Poshmark does not have an in-app chat system for buyers and sellers, there are a few simple ways to contact other users on the marketplace. 

You can Leave a Comment on the “Meet the Posher” Listing, 

Below, I’ll go over three distinct methods of communication with individuals on Poshmark, as well as what I’ve found to be the most relevant in various instances.

How to message someone on Poshmark?

How to message someone on a postmark? Well, you cannot directly message someone on Poshmark. You can contact or message someone on Poshmark by leaving a comment on a bundle or leaving a comment on the particular listing of a person whom you want to contact. You can also send a message to someone on Poshmark using the “Meet the Posher” section of each user’s Poshmark closet.



Ways to message someone privately on Poshmark


For posts related to the article, you can add a comment to any ad (product on the shelf) by going to the ad and clicking on the comment icon. The list opens automatically and the cursor is placed in the view box. 


  • Type what you want to say and click send! All comments are saved forever (unless the list is deleted), so be careful what you say. Poshmark reserves the right to cancel your account in the event of any inappropriate comments.


  • For messages sent to a person /closet, you can search for a list called “Meet Posher” which is automatically created when you create an account in Poshmark and is added to everyone’s account/closet. Members can delete the Meet Posher list so that not everyone receives it. In cases where there is no Meet the Posher shelf, it is possible to add a comment to the sold ads, and when a lot of work is done, it seems strange.


  • There is another way to send a message to Poshmark … this is called a bundle (also called personal stylizing). Only you and the seller can see the design. Start the conversation in the comments section. Specify the seller’s username and start the conversation. Use the share button to create the package. Instead of sharing with followers or entertainment, share with the Poshmark users you want to connect with.


Poshmark does not feature an in-app messaging service where buyers and sellers can communicate with one another.
If you wish to deliver a message on Poshmark, please remember that once you post something, it becomes public.

Can you send a message directly to someone in Poshmark?

As a social platform, Poshmark only has public announcements in lists and semi-private posts in packages. There are currently no private messaging options. If you want to see it, you can recommend it to Poshmark.

How do you message a buyer on Poshmark?

When you click on the comments icon in the Meet Posher list, the list will open automatically and the cursor will be placed in the comments box. Type what you want to say and click send!

How do you send a private offer to someone on Poshmark?

Go to your closet and select the ad. On the list page, select Share. In the sharing window, select one of the displayed users or search for a specific user and select their name.


How to contact someone on poshmark
How to contact someone on poshmark

Are bundle comments private on Poshmark?

You can see all the groups and comments that people have created on that person’s shelf. Nothing special. This feature must be removed. I call Poshmark.

What happens if you don’t ship on Poshmark?

If your order is never received, we will refund your payment. Check the status of your order by going to My Purchases> Select Purchases. Sellers have 7 days from the date of purchase to send their orders. On the eighth day you can cancel the order and receive a full refund.

Can you see who views your Poshmark?

Once logged in, you can also view recently viewed products, brands, and shows for easy access to some of your favorites on Poshmark.

What do you do when someone buys your item on Poshmark?

Payment of the product upon acceptance: When the customer receives the package and accepts the product, your revenue is automatically credited to your Poshmark account. Buyers have three days to accept the goods, after which the money is automatically given to you by the seller.

how to private message someone on Poshmark?

When you click on the comments icon in the Meet Posher list, the list will open automatically and the cursor will be placed in the comments box. Type what you want to say and click send!

How do you contact someone privately on Poshmark?

Private Message. There is currently no way to connect privately with Poshmark. Poshmark probably does this because it is a social platform and public posts seem more social. Tracking public messages can also be easier

How to Contact a Seller on Poshmark on iPhone or iPad?

  1. Open the Poshmark app and log in. The Poshmark program has a red program with two knitted P letters. You can download the Poshmark app from the App Store.


  1. Find an ad. When you open Poshmark, several lists appear in your feed. Press “☰” in the upper right corner to filter the feed by category. You can also search for a list by name by entering the item name in the field below.


There is no way to modify or remove a comment, and Poshmark doesn’t offer any help with removing unwanted comments, so keep that in mind while messaging someone on Poshmark.

Poshmark seller
Poshmark seller


Poshmark doesn’t have an in-app messaging service, however, there are other ways to message someone on the platform, as explained above. You can remark on a specific listing, a bundle, or the user’s Meet the Posher page.

You might want to think about where you leave your comments depending on the nature of your query or comment.

When they have a number of listings in their closet and you can’t find their Meet the Posher page, you may click on the “About” button and will take you to the Meet the Posher listing.

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  2. Have you ever wanted to know how to send a message on the posh mark? Do you have a question regarding a certain item you’re considering? Alternatively, do you wish to thank someone for sharing some of your ads with their followers? Although Poshmark does not have an in-app messaging system for buyers and sellers, there are a few simple ways to contact other users on the marketplace.

    On the posh mark, where can I get love notes?

    So go to the app to check out your Love Notes and use the feature to find new closets from amazing vendors. What is the best way to add Love Notes to my closet? When a user receives or gives a five-star rating with a comment on a purchase, Love Notes are instantly posted to the closets. Also, how do you respond to a posh mark love note? You can’t respond to a love note directly. Poshmark does not have a feature that allows you to accomplish this. So, is it necessary to purchase something to write a love message on Poshmark? You must purchase something and leave a love letter for them. Shares aren’t going to cut it.


    Below, I’ll go over three distinct ways to communicate with individuals on Poshmark, as well as what I’ve found to be the most relevant in various instances. This is the most typical method of communicating with someone on Poshmark. Buyers frequently offer feedback on an item.

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