How To Make A Carved Pumpkin In Minecraft Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

This Halloween, Minecraft has a new trend: players from all over the world are carving pumpkins and sharing their masterpieces on Reddit. The first pumpkin was created by EpicMinerMaster and posted on Reddit.

Since then, many users have started posting their designs to share with others. With a design so simple that it can be implemented into any style of play, there is sure to be a creative pumpkin for everyone.

A player named “JoJo” created a pumpkin that is both a tribute to another Reddit user and creepy.

Another designer named Zip created a pumpkin inspired by my avatar. It’s amazing how these simple layouts can hold so much data just by using Minecraft blocks. Thanks to this beautiful zipper design.

The next creation was based on another popular character from another franchise, Pikachu from Pokémon. This creation was so popular that it had to be seen twice.

Here we have another project “kingborax6” ( This is unique in that it allows the player to engage in underwater combat against Lady Luck herself. The player can go upstairs and hide behind the golden blocks to protect themselves from her wrath.

How to make a carved pumpkin in Minecraft?

The following design impresses not only with the amount of detail, but also with its complexity. It seems like a lot of work went into this game, and with 30 diamonds to play with, it seems like it paid off.

Is it possible to make a pumpkin in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a pumpkin is an item that cannot be made using a workbench or furnace. Instead, you have to find and collect this item in the game.