How Do You Use Et Al In APA 6th Edition?

How is ua used in the APA 6th edition?

Use “and others”. shorten in-text citations of sources with more than 6 authors (first in-text citations) and more than 3 authors (later in-text citations), for example. B.: (Taylor et al., 2019).

How do you spell ua in APA?

The abbreviation “et al” (meaning “and others”) is used to abbreviate in-text citations with three or more authors. Here’s how: Type only the last name of the first author, followed by “et al.”, a comma, and, for example, the year of publication (Taylor et al., 2018).

How do you cite multiple authors in the 6th edition of the APA?

Multiple Authors

  1. 2 Authors: Always include the names of both authors in the text if you are citing them. Example: Johnson and Smith (2009) found…
  2. 6 or more authors. If the article has six or more authors, simply indicate the last name of the first author with et al. from the first date to the last. Example: Tommaso et al.

When to use APA et al style?

APA style. To cite in an APA style text, if the source has two authors, credit both. If there are three or more authors, list the first author followed by “et al.” The APA discourages the use of “et al.” in the link list.

Is it possible to use et al for things?

refers to a list of things, etc. refers to a list of people. Etc. are common in both formal and informal writing.

Can you use et al in a greeting?

The use of et al is not standard in greetings, so people will find it and wonder if they missed an important new rule somewhere. Authors who use an unusual form of treatment will worry later about how to punctuate, and their readers will spend time doubting the authors’ choice of punctuation.

How to cite 7 authors in APA 6th edition?

Just use the name of the first author, etc. when you first talk about research and beyond. You must list all authors in the order they appear on the book cover.

How many authors are needed to use et al?

Only if the work has six or more authors, the first citation in the text must be the first author followed by et al. If there are five or fewer authors, the names of all authors should be listed first.

How to make others possessive?

In the possessive form, etc. followed by an apostrophe and the letter s: Article by Simon et al. (2000) Searching… Latin words are sometimes italicized in the English text, but abbreviations should not be italicized unless requested by the publisher.

Put a comma after et al?

The expression et al., from the Latin et alii, which means literal and so on, must always be written with a space between the two words and a period after the l (because al. is an abbreviation). The comma is not placed after the abbreviation unless the grammar of the sentence requires it.