How do you return a void function in C++?

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  1. A void function can return. We can just put a return statement in a void fun(). …
  2. A void fun() can return another void function.
  3. A void() can return an empty value. A void() cannot return a value that can be used.

Can you revert to an invalid C++ function?

Returning void functions in C++ Void functions are called void because they don’t return anything. “A void function cannot return anything” This statement is not always true. We can’t return values ​​from a void function, but we can return anything but values. 2

Does a void function need a return?

Void functions are created and used like return-value functions, except they don’t return a value after the function has been executed. Instead of a data type, void functions use the void keyword. A void function performs a task and then returns control to the caller, but does not return a value.

How do I declare a void function in C++?

The syntax for declaring the function prototype is: type function-name (formal list of parameter types) type: The type of the value returned by the function. If no value is returned, the type is void .

What is the void return type in C++?

void (C++) When used as a function return type, the void keyword indicates that the function does not return a value. When used for a list of function parameters, void indicates that the function takes no parameters. When used in the declaration of a pointer, void indicates that the pointer is universal. 4

Is the return type null?

______________ have the return type void. Explanation: The constructor creates an object and the destructor destroys the object. You shouldn’t return anything, not even void . … Explanation: There are no empty objects.

How do you exit a void function in C++?

Use a return statement! if (condition) return You don’t have to (and can’t) supply any values ​​if your method returns void.

what is a void

Surname. a void of empty space: He disappeared into the void. something experienced as loss or deprivation: His death left a great void in his life. a space or opening, such as B. in a wall. a vacuum of vacation.

What do you call a void function?

The void keyword This method is a void method that does not return a value. The call to a void method must be a statement; H. methodRankPoints(255.7). It is a Java statement ending with a semicolon as shown in the example below.