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Gurkirpal Singh is a farmer who mainly grows vegetables using new hydroponic technology. He is a former professor who has been teaching computer science students since he has a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

He became famous for using one of the best and most profitable agricultural technologies to grow vegetables. He was the first to apply hydroponic technology, which allows him to grow vegetables in a small area and make a large profit.

Gurkirpal Singh Wiki/Biography

Gurkirpal Singh was born on January 12, 1983 and is 37 years old in 2020. He was born and raised in a peasant family in Dharamkot, Moghra, Punjab, India.

He received his primary education at a public school in Mogra, Punjab. He then enrolled at Guru Nanak Dev University, where she earned a master’s degree in computer science.

From an early age he was inclined towards agriculture, but in addition to agriculture he also did an apprenticeship, he worked as a teacher in an engineering school.

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Gurkirpal Singh comes from a middle-class Punjabi Hindu peasant family from Kela village in Mogra district, Punjab, India. He has Indian citizenship and believes in the Hindu religion. His father is also a farmer and his mother is a housewife. Gurkirpal Singh’s marital status is unknown.

Physical Appearance

Gurkirpal Singh is a handsome man with an average character. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 80 kg. He wore a turban on his forehead. His hair color is black and the sparkling black eyes add to his charming personality. His physique is muscular and he also boasts an impressive build.


Gurkirpal Singh began his career as a professor at an engineering college after completing his postgraduate studies. He was satisfied with his work and also earned a satisfactory sum from his work. But after a while he switched to farming and started growing vegetables in 2012.

He first grew tomatoes on his 5,000-square-foot plot and made huge profits. Later, he began to grow other vegetables and made a large profit. At first he used the palihouse farming technique, but later he switched to greenhouse farming.

He used hydroponic technology for his farm, because with this technology you can grow more vegetables on a small plot of land and get maximum profit. In this method, you don’t use land to farm, you use water pipes to grow vegetables, and you increase your farming ability year after year. He also grows the Brain Tonic plant, which is used as medicine, and he also grows many other medicinal plants.

He currently has a turnover of more than 10 lakhs per year and has founded a successful start-up company called Agroponic AGP. He also employed other people through his start-up and gave good advice to other farmers in his area. He is also affiliated with the Punjab Farmers Union.

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Hydroponics is an Israeli technology that involves growing plants near water pipes and keeping them at a temperature of around 35 degrees. In this technology, water is combined with other substances such as nitrogen, calcium, sulfur, zinc and iron.

His work is appreciated throughout Punjab and he has become a role model for other farmers as he uses efficient farming techniques to generate huge profits.

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