Gillian Anderson Husband Daughter Dating Boyfriend Relationship Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

From a Hollywood dream romance to a public breakup, this is the complete chronicle of Gillian Anderson’s boyfriend, dating, husband, kids, relationship and romance. Gillian Leigh Anderson (OBE) is an American-British actress. She began her career on the FOX series The X-Files as agent Dana Scully. Her subsequent work in the films The Fall, Hannibal, American Gods, Sex Education and The Crown proves that the actress becomes more and more beautiful and talented with age. Her collection includes works by artists such as Diane Arbus, Helen Levitt, Cindy Sherman, Francesco Clemente, Alexis Rockman, and Kiki Smith. Anderson loves architecture and interior design and regularly works on flooring and home improvement projects. She also expressed her desire to pursue mixed media projects in the future.

Gillian Anderson husband and daughter

In 1994, Anderson married Clyde Klotz, art director for The X-Files. Soon after, Anderson became pregnant and was blessed by her husband, Clyde’s daughter. Her daughter Piper was born in 1995.

On the set, Gillian met Clyde Klotz, the show’s then-assistant artistic director. “It wasn’t exactly love at first sight,” Gillian says of their three-month romance. “I was drawn to Clyde’s smile. He was very quiet, tough and cold, but I quickly realized that he had a lot to say and that he was a very intelligent person. Hole 17 of the golf course. The only one present was the Buddhist monk who officiated the ceremony: “We sent a letter to my mother and father with precise instructions not to open it before the new year. Mom had met Clyde before and Dad was in a good mood that day, so they were happy.

Two days later, Gillian is back on the set of The X-Files. A few months later, we find out she’s pregnant. She already knew what she wanted to do, but she admitted that she “didn’t think through the consequences of this decision.” The first person she spoke to on set was her co-star David Duchovny.

Her pregnancy was shocking news to Fox executives, but Gillian again cornered Chris Carter and refused to redo Scully. “Part of the success of the show is that the public is investing in these characters,” she said.

Gillian said: “It was like a bombshell for them [Fox executives]. It wasn’t in my contract not to get pregnant, but now it is.

Chris Carter then made up a story about an alien abduction that kept Gillian out of her cell long enough to work, give birth, and take 10 days of maternity leave. “My legs were swollen and exhausted, I slept between scenes,” Gillian recalls. Ella’s daughter Piper was born on September 25, 1994. Gillian had to undergo an unexpected C-section, forcing her to spend the next six days in the hospital. Four days later, Gillian returned to the set for the episode “One Breath”.

Of the experience, Gillian said, “During the first season, I had no idea who I was, let alone who the character was.” Now I feel like a stronger person in this world. I remember feeling after giving birth that no cut, scratch, or bump to the head would make me cry.

The proud new mum happily said, “I can’t imagine not having Piper. She chose Chris Carter to be the godfather of her daughter. But unfortunately, Anderson and Klotz divorced two years later, in 1997.

Gillian Anderson with her ex-husband Clyde Klotz

Later in 2004, Anderson married her next husband, who was dating a producer named Julian Ozanne. After two years of marriage and marriage, the couple separated a year later, in 2006.

She then dated Mark Griffiths and married in 2006, which resulted in Anderson having two children, but the actress split from Griffiths in 2012. Since 2016, Anderson has been linked to Peter Morgan, a writer and producer known for his I work at The Crown.

Anderson never dated her XFiles colleague David Duchovny.

According to showbiz, Anderson and his X-Files colleague David Duchovny have brought a “no-win-win” chemistry to the screen. However, the two actors confirmed that they do not get along very well off-screen. According to Variety, “Duchovny and Anderson weren’t always as relaxed on set and came across as far from a united front as the two co-hosts could be.”

Anderson with his alleged David Duchovny

Anderson told the Daily Mail that while filming The X-Files, there were times when she and Duchovny “barely had a good relationship”. But the friendship between the two actors has grown stronger over the years. They added, “Any relationship we have as actors, we deserve it.” It’s nice to be able to play like this without even feeling the need to play. “David and I love each other, understand each other and respect each other,” the sources said. Furthermore, she claimed that she never had a romantic relationship with Duchovny.

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan meet and break up

Anderson dates Peter Morgan. Morgan has a long career as a screenwriter and his historical works are particularly successful. Anderson keeps things pretty tight when it comes to his personal life. She graciously declines to discuss her relationship with her boyfriend, writer Peter Morgan La Corona. She said, “I’m not skeptical of love…

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan

Recently, she was open about why she doesn’t live with her partner Peter, saying that if they live together it will be the “end” of their relationship. In August 2019, it was reported that couples living together but not married are the fastest growing type of family in the UK.

Children of Gillian Anderson

  • Anderson married her first husband, Clyde Klotz, with whom she had a daughter, Piper Maru, born on September 25, 1994.
  • Anderson and her ex-boyfriend, businessman Mark Griffiths, have two sons: Oscar, born November 1, 2006, and Felix, born October 15, 2008.
  • Anderson currently lives in London with her three children, where she has lived since 2002.

Gillian Anderson Report

  • Anderson spoke to Out magazine about his past relationships with women in 2012.
  • He identifies as heterosexual.
  • In an interview with the London Evening Standard in December 2014, he said:

“I am an active straight woman who appreciates what people want to express about their sexuality.”

  • In 2015, Anderson said in an interview that she is not closed to the idea of ​​another same-sex relationship:

“For me, a relationship is love for another person, no matter their gender.”

Anderson identifies as a feminist. In an interview with Glamor magazine in August 2014, Anderson said:

“I have feminist traits and when I hear or see something about how people react to women in a certain way, I have very little patience.” 8220 serenity, good humor, good deeds to do.

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  1. Gillian Anderson (Gillian Leigh Anderson), an American-British actor, activist, and author was born on August 9, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Chicago, Illinois (USA) is where he was born. United States of America nationality
    Check out the full list of Famous People who were born on August 9th. She belongs to the 53-year-old group of well-known actresses.


    Gillian Anderson is an actor, producer, writer, and media personality from the United States. She’s known for her outstanding performances in films like The Turning, The X-Files, and The X-Files: I Want to Believe, and This Changes Everything. Gillian has won two Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her outstanding performance in films.

    She is also known for her plays, such as Absent Friends, A Doll’s House, and All About Eve, in addition to movies. Gillian has also participated in several charity projects. She has millions of followers on numerous social media networks, including Instagram, where she has over 1 million.


    She’s a British beauty who lives in America. She is an actress who played FBI inspector Dana Scully opposite David Duchovny in the television series The X-Files. Tune into the profile to find more about Gillian Anderson’s Wiki, history, height, weight, age, partner, spouse, net worth, and other facts. She’s 6 or 1.60 m tall and 160 cm wide, or at a height of 5 feet.

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