BTC vs ETH: Which Crypto Is a Better Investment?

BTC and ETH are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. They are both used for a variety of purposes, including investment and purchasing goods and services.

BTC and ETH are also used by developers to create new applications. However, there is a lot of debate about which cryptocurrency is better.

BTC and ETH have different strengths and weaknesses. BTC is faster and more scalable than ETH. However, ETH is more flexible and has a more active development community.

BTC vs ETH — Never-Ending Rivalry in the Crypto World

Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the two most popular cryptocurrencies and major rivals in the crypto world. If you’re interested in trading them, it’s important to carefully examine the BTC vs ETH clash and make your moves accordingly.

We decided to help you with that by giving you a closer insight into the two cryptos and their history.

Bitcoin: Project Basics and Market Position

Bitcoin was created as the first cryptocurrency — it’s where it all started. It has remained the #1 option for people who want to invest in crypto, as it still offers the most chances to make a profit, both short- and long-term.

BTC probably won’t move from the #1 position in the near future, given that its market cap is still twice as large compared to Ethereum. However, this gap is getting smaller with each passing year.

1. Price Trend

Right now, Bitcoin’s price is more than $20,000, but it was worth more than $60,000 at one point when it reached its all-time high.

Bitcoin is highly volatile, meaning the price will often change. However, the overall increase over the years has definitely been present, which means BTC is still likely to continue increasing long-term.

2. Technology and Features

Bitcoin’s technology hasn’t changed much ever since it was created. It’s based on the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, which created the need for the so-called Bitcoin miners. Their job is to mine new BTC and run the Bitcoin network.

When it comes to the features, BTC’s main feature is to be a cryptocurrency, an alternative to fiat money that offers faster transactions and better security. Moreover, it eliminates the need for intermediaries, meaning all BTC transactions are P2P.

3. Use Cases

BTC is a cryptocurrency used as money or as an investment opportunity, which is why it’s often referred to as “digital gold.”

It’s the most widespread crypto in terms of the number of businesses that accept payments in Bitcoin, which is why it’s also the most practical.

4. What’s New

Bitcoin goes up and down, but not much changes in terms of its underlying technology. Now and then, slight upgrades take place, but the basis remains the same.

The biggest news is that the next halving is coming closer, meaning miners will soon start receiving 50% less reward.

BTC vs ETH: Which Crypto Is a Better Investment?
BTC vs ETH: Which Crypto Is a Better Investment?

Ethereum: What It Is and Where It Stands

Unlike Bitcoin, which is just a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is a platform for building decentralized applications and smart contracts. Ethereum also has its native cryptocurrency called Ether (or also Ethereum). It’s the second most popular crypto by overall market cap.

1. Price Trend

Even though it’s popular, Ethereum follows the ups and downs affecting Bitcoin, which is similar to all other cryptos.

Simply put, if people start selling Bitcoin massively for some reason, many investors will do the same with ETH and other cryptos, and vice versa.

The good news is that Ethereum’s price has also been increasing over the last couple of years, as the platform has undergone many upgrades, keeping investors interested in it and what it has to offer.

2. Technology and Features

Unlike Bitcoin, which doesn’t evolve much from the technological perspective, Ethereum is constantly undergoing changes.

The hot news coming from the team working on Ethereum is the upcoming upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 when the popular currency will have its consensus mechanism changed from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, which is much faster and more eco-friendly.

Of course, there will be many other upgrades to the network, as increasing numbers of investors and projects are becoming part of the Ethereum family.

3. Use Cases

Ethereum is much more than just a cryptocurrency — it’s a platform for building decentralized applications, and it was the first one to allow deploying of smart contracts, which have the power to change how we do business worldwide.

Many leading companies are already exploring options on Ethereum. Ethereum is also one of the blockchains that allow the minting and trading of non-fungible tokens — the popular NFTs.

4. What’s New

As previously stated, Ethereum is one step away from an important upgrade, which will further upgrade it and change how it works.

Hopefully, it will be for the better, and it will move even closer to Bitcoin in terms of market cap.

BTC vs ETH: Which One Should You Choose?

So, is Bitcoin or Ethereum a better investment opportunity in 2022? It’s hard to tell, as both cryptos are extremely popular, and all prediction websites foretell their bright future.

No matter which one you decide to invest in, make sure to do it via a safe, secure, and trustworthy online currency exchange in order to avoid possible complications.