Brad James Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Brad James is an American actor and businessman best known for his appearance on the Tyler Perry sitcom For Better or For Worse, in which he played a character named Todd. In 2021, Brad James is worth around $4 million.
Full Name Brad James 
Birth Date July 7, 1981 
Birth Place Augusta, Georgia
Profession Actor and Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $4 million

Early Life

Brad James had a conventional upbringing. His mother was African American and his father was white, so he grew up with two cultures. Over the years, as he grew up, he was confused about what to do next. As a result, James researched and found a common pattern of many successful people serving in the United States Navy.

This inspired him to join the United States Navy. He enrolled there and served a total of four years. He learned some skills there, including online learning, but also suffered an ankle injury during his tenure, which never healed properly and hampered his acting career somewhat.

Brad James Net Worth and Career


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Upon his return from the USMC, James again found himself in a dilemma about what to do with his life. He studied sales but then found himself acting. It all happened under the influence of the moment he met a woman who stopped him and asked him to come with her to the audition.

The irony is that the woman didn’t get the part, but James managed to get the part. He would change his life by starring in several movies over the years, including Champions Road, where he played Jonathan Mercer.

He is the winner of the best actor award in Georgia. He has since appeared in the Champion Road sequel Arena, along with other roles in 4 Minutes. His growing popularity has led him to appear in commercials for several major brands, including Walmart and Blackberry.

Additionally, James has also appeared in several television series, including the episodes “Let’s Stay Together” and “One Tree Hill.” She was also a member of Teen Wolf and Single Ladies. James got a larger role for a longer period in Osiris, where she played the main character named Osiris.

But over the years, Brad James has focused more on business than comedy. He has found a market in the entertainment industry, which he understands very well through his many acting jobs. He felt that it would be better to leave depending on the circumstances of his life.

His company is called James and Burke, Inc., which coaches and trains aspiring actors and helps them find projects to work on. Additionally, he owns several studios where he works primarily with black artists in the Atlanta area.

Brad James believes that Atlanta is becoming the area of ​​choice for black artists and says that not only musicians but also actors are finding opportunities in the space.

Personal Life

Brad James is known for his handsome chiseled looks and once dated an actress named Jasmine Burke. However, after their breakup, James began dating an actress named. They got engaged in 2020 and recently announced their wedding in September 2021.

Brad James net worth

In 2021, Brad James is worth around $4 million. He made most of his money playing Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.