8 best UI/UX tools for Modern Day Web Designer in 2022

There are various UI/UX tools available in the market. That is why it gets hard, especially for beginner designers, to choose from them. This article will help you select the eight best UI/UX tools available in 2022. Before that, you need to know about UI UX design tools.

What Is The Purpose Of A UI/UX Design Tool?

UX/UI tools are working toward the same goal. That goal is to assist designers in creating incredible digital apps. The best user interface design tools can help you save effort and time. Thus, UX emphasizes a user’s experience using your product or service. In contrast, UI focuses on your design interface and how they interact with it. 

These tools are evolving and available in abundance. Thus, it can easily confuse beginners in the web designing field to choosing the best one. 

Web Designing Tools in 2022
Best Web Designing Tools in 2022

The Best UI UX Design Tools – 2022

Following is the list of the best UI/UX Design tools available in 2022. Let us look at what each of these design tools has to offer.

1. Axure

Axure is the best tool for technical UI designs. This tool has long been regarded as one of the best user interface design tools available. It is ideal for even more complex projects involving dynamic data. 

With this web design tool, you can concentrate on projects more related to technology and necessitate extra attention to date and structure.

2. Adobe Comp

Abode Comp is more suitable for iPad wireframes. It is best for those who need to create and conceptualize on the go. For example, if you have an iPad or other tablet that comes with a smart pencil, use it whenever a new idea comes to your mind. Be it a plane or simply sitting on a park bench etc.

3. Mockflow

Mockflow is the best UI design tool for basic wireframes. If you need to create wireframes, then MockFlow is one of the best UI design tools. It is best for working on unrefined ideas. It also helps you in building basic layouts rapidly. Thus, it gets easier for you to convert your thoughts into a presentable form. 

4. Sketch

Sketch quickly became famous for professionals worldwide after its launch in 2010. You can only use Sketch on Mac. It allows you to create high-resolution interfaces and prototypes and then preview them on mobile devices. The symbol is a fantastic feature that will enable you to create reusable UI assets and elements—this aids in building design systems and the consistency of your user interfaces. An option for exporting design is available. Export your design by a clickable prototype from there.

5. Balsamiq

Use Balsamiq as it is the best tool for fast wireframes. With ease, you can create layouts and setups for your projects. You can link icons to other pages and use drag-and-drop elements to make life easier. Consequently, it enables you to begin planning your interfaces quickly. Further, share these interfaces with your clients or team. 

6. Adobe XD

It is best suitable for use for prototyping on Windows. Adobe XD, released in 2016, has quickly gained traction in the design community. It now competes with Sketch as the industry benchmark for digital prototyping. While each app has advantages over the other, XD’s main advantage over Sketch is that it runs on Windows and Mac. 

7. Proto.io

Choose Proto.io for prototyping in the browser. Proto.io was created to allow users to prototype apps for mobile devices. After its expansion, users can prototype apps with anything having a screen interface, such as Smart TVs, camera interfaces, gaming consoles, etc.

Using Proto.io, users can create lifelike prototypes in your browser, from rough ideas to fully realized designs. It offers a wide range of options for projects, together with detailed animations and custom vector animations. You can start with a hand-drawn style to develop initial concepts. Then move on to wireframes and a high-fidelity prototype.

Proto.io is capable of handling the entire design process. User testing and other features will also aid in the validation of your designs.

8. Marvel

Marvel is best when it comes to rapid prototyping. You can produce ideas quickly and can refine the interface. It focuses on rapid prototyping, testing, and handoff for modern design teams. It provides an excellent way to build pages and simulate your design via a prototype. Also, there are some fantastic integrations, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate your techniques into your project workflow.


Every UI/UX design tool is distinct from the others. It appears to lack or has a unique feature that makes it stand out. That is why select that design tool that best fits your requirements. On the other hand, if you are running a business or whether you are not very aware of web designing and website development then don’t worry.

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