Ashley Flowers Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Ashley Flowers is an American creator and host of podcasts, including Crime Junkie. She rose to fame in 2019 after responding to accusations of plagiarism. She responded to the allegations by stating that Crime Junkie removed several episodes from the main broadcast when the source material could no longer be found or properly quoted. Find out more about Ashley Flowers Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Net worth, Family, Career and many more facts about her.

Real Name Ashley Flowers
Age 31 years old (As of 2021)
Birthdate December 19, 1989
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 55 Kg
Measurements 34-28-40 inches
Bra Cup Size 34 C
Husband Erik Hudak
Children 1
Net Worth $300k – $400k, as of 2021

Height, weight and parameters Ashley Flowers

How tall is Ashley Flores? Her height is 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 m or 165 cm and she weighs about 55 kg or 121 pounds. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and blonde hair. What are the parameters of the figure of Ashley Flowers? The dimensions of it are 342840 inches. She wears a 34C cup bra.

Ashley’s Flower Luck

He is the CEO of the Audiochuck podcast network. In 2021 he launched a new podcast, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers.

He was a board member for Central Indiana Crime Stoppers. The net worth of him is estimated to be between $300,000 and $400,000.

Ashley Flowers Wiki/Biography/Age

husband ashley flowers

Ashley Flowers is married to Eric Hudak.

She is one of many popular podcast hosts, including Esther Powicki.

Although his wife Ashley Flowers has become a celebrity thanks to the popularity of the Crime Junkies podcast, Hudak seems to prefer to keep her profile on the back burner as her Instagram profile is currently marked private.

Ashley Flowers Confirms She’s Pregnant With Husband Eric Hudak’s Baby

Podcast host Ashley Flowers took to her Instagram today (Sunday, Nov. 14) to ask her followers to post questions for inclusion in the Instagram Stories Q&A. Instagram stories.

In Q&A posts, Flowers announced that she was pregnant and responded to a fan’s question online about whether she would ever be blessed with the joy of having a baby. Flowers responded by posting an ultrasound picture and saying, “She will be here in January.”

The podcast host proposed to her earlier during her announcement when a fan asked if she planned on having children, and the flowers smiled and replied, “Yes.”

Information on Ashley’s flowers

He shares his usual activities and relationships with his viewers and allows them to live part of his life.

He has a good sense of clothing and fashion, as well as a natural affinity for the camera.

Warm yet mysterious, she attracted many admirers and followers.

His willingness to appreciate other artists is evident in his work.

She has created numerous covers of famous songs and is very energetic, dramatic and creative in her musical performances.

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  1. Ashley Flowers is a podcast host, social media influencer, Instagram personality, and businesswoman from South Bend, Indiana, who was born and raised in the United States. Flowers is most known for founding and leading the audio chunk, a female-focused podcast network that features both scripted and unscripted crime episodes.

    Education about flowers

    Ashley studied biomedical research at Arizona State University and finished with a bachelor’s degree. She began working as a genetics researcher at the University of Notre Dame after graduation.

    Family of Ashley Flowers

    Ashley was born in the United States, in the city of South Bend, Indiana. She is the family’s oldest daughter. Mr. Flowers, her father, is a businessman, and ‘Lisa Flowers,’ her mother, is a stay-at-home mom. David Flowers (brother) and Allison Flowers (sister) are her two siblings (sister).

    Ashley Flowers has an estimated net worth of $1 million

    Flowers’ net worth is predicted to be 3 million dollars by 2020. This includes her property, funds, and earnings. Her job as a podcaster is her main source of income.

    Children of Ashley Flowers

    At this time, there is no information on Ashley’s children, and it is unknown whether she has any.


    She decided to work as a podcast host after that. She began hosting numerous true-crime audio broadcasts with her childhood buddy Brit Prawat. They began hosting their podcast show, ‘Crime Junkie,’ a popular true-crime-based audio show, in December 2017.

    Ashley is also the CEO and founder of the Audio chuck Podcast Network. Flowers will headline the new podcast show International Infamy on June 15, 2021, according to Spotify.

  2. Ashley Flowers is well-known for her weekly true-crime podcast, ‘Crime Junkie.’ Rolling Stone listed “Crime Junkie” as one of the top true crime podcasts. Flowers also hosts the ‘Super Natural with Ashley Flowers’ true-crime podcast, which explores the odd and surreal. As of 2022, she is predicted to have a net worth of $5 million.

    Early years

    Ashley Flowers was born on December 19, 1989, in southern Indiana, United States. Ashley was born into a Christian family, with her father, a businessman, and mother, a homeworker, Lisa Flowers. Ashley Flowers is the oldest of three children, David Flowers, Alissa Flowers, and Ashley Flowers.

    Ashley earned her bachelor’s degree in biomedical research from Arizona State University. She went on to work as a genomic researcher at the University of Notre Dame after that. She then went on to work for software business in Indiana, where she eventually transitioned into software sales. Flower, on the other hand, had a childhood obsession with crime and mysteries, which led her to start her podcast in 2017.


    Flowers then joined the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, where she also aired a 20-minute show on Indianapolis’ RadioNOW 100.9. The show lasted a year and had the goal of promoting crime stoppers and improving organizations that work with young people.

    Flowers told WTHR during an interview that the moniker ‘Crime Junkie’ came to her when she was still working at ‘Crime Stoppers.’ She also stated that she felt there were insufficient podcasts to explain the entire narrative, so she decided to make her own. Flowers’ first episode was released in December 2017, and she has been releasing new episodes every week since then. Flowers was overseeing a hospital while working there.

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