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Anne Maria Frank or Annelise Marie Frank, commonly known as Anne Frank, was a Dutch-German woman who was a well-known columnist. She learned German and Dutch and worked in the autobiography and biography genres. In addition to being a journalist, she was also a children’s book author and nanny.

She achieved posthumous fame with the 1947 publication of The Diary of a Young Girl (originally titled Het Achterhuis in Dutch English: A Secret Supplement) in which she chronicled her life on the run from 1942 to 1944 during the German occupation of the countries. during the world war. II. Second war.

Wiki / Biography of Anne Frank

Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was 15 years old at the time of her death. She was born and raised in an upper-class Jewish family in Frankfurt.

She completed her initial education at the 6th Montessori School in Amsterdam.

Later he entered the Jewish high school. From a very young age she was very interested in studies and, in particular, in writing.