Week’s end Track Weekend trek – Nag Tibba, (Nag tibba trek) can be a trek from 2 days to most prominent 3 days consequently extraordinary for Delhiites consistently will visit on closures of the week figuratively speaking. Walking around Friday night to Pantwari till Saturday morning and returning on Sunday night. At the point when you show up at Dehradun, you will get a huge load of rides. It’s everything except an issue to show up at Dehradun by eight to nine PM.

tibba trek, nag tibba

Fitting time

can go for nag tibba trekking at whatever point of the year besides the turbulent months. Can go even in the deluge, but the track is on an undesirable way from many spots, so there is a high possibility of slipping after the storm, so I won’t give a perspective on the storm. Go at whatever point from September to June until it begins to rain.


Nag Tibba, (Nag tibba trek) track is believed to be straightforward anyway it isn’t true. You can arrange it as easy to medium. If you require some venture for two days, it will be managed easily. Endeavoring to do nag tibba trekking in a singular day can make you depleted or silly. It is endorsed for first-time trekkers to make it happen.


Nag Tibba trek (Nag Tibba trek) is considered to be exceptionally safeguarded. There is no event of torrential slides here. Mussoorie can in like manner be secured here due to its area to Dehradun and speedier than anticipated. Due to numerous associations completing these tracks, people reliably meet on the Pantwari course.

The chances of meeting wild animals are moreover immaterial, yet it doesn’t suggest that you go out alone toward the side of night or early morning. It isn’t all in all correct to do this, so a couple of things are in your grip, keep them in your grip.

Approaches to showing up at Nag Tibba – There are various approaches to showing up at Nag Tibba, (Nag tibba trek).


The most famous and especially famous for nag tibba trekking is from Pantwari town. Pantwari town is around 50 km from Mussoorie. Right after coming from Dehradun to Mussoorie and Mussoorie to Kamptee Fall, cross the Yamuna length from here to show up at the town of Nainbagh on Purola road.

As A Result of entering Nainbagh, the essential way that will go to the right-hand goes to Pantwari. Pantwari is 16 km from here. Nag tibba trek is only 8 km from here. The vehicle goes past Pantwari, which is a horrendous road, and by going on this course for ten kilometers, nag tibba trekking is diminished by 2 kilometers.


The road in like manner leads from the town of Devalsari. From Mussoorie go on Dhanaulti road on the way to Thatude. Devalsari is ten kilometers before Thatude. To some degree further from Thuthu, a comparative road prompts Nainbagh and Devalsari.

A framework prompts Nainbagh road to the left and Devalsari to the right. Devalsari is furthermore called Antan town. Here the road completes and there is a rest spot of the forest division to stop here. He is called Devalsari.

Srikot town

En route to Pantwari, to some degree further from the extraordinary road comes the town of Srikot. From here the way to Nagtibba Base Camp is only 5 km yet it is a shaky outing and climbs close by the water which is known as a water direct or Gedera in the close language. Our sidekick Sandeep Singh overcame this course and met us at the base camp.


3020 meters of the apex of Nag Tibba and the base camp and Nag Devta safe-haven are at a statue of 2600 meters. The height of Pantwari is 1350 meters and the stature of the train is around 1700 meters when it is halted, ensuing to take it ten kilometers ahead.

Time put away for the track exertion for nag tibba trek

Dehradun or Mussoorie all can be reached close to the start of the day from Delhi at whatever point left around night time and from 9 to 10 AM by transport or taxi to Pantwari. If you start nag tibba trekking around a similar time at 12 o’clock in the day, then, you can show up at the central command from 4 to 5 PM.

In case you walk effectively at 7 am the next day, you can go to Nag tibba nag tibba by 10 o’clock and leave it up and get to the base camp by 10 o’clock and once again to Pantwari by 2 o’clock. By showing up at Dehradun at night, transport or preparation can be gotten starting there to Delhi. The total stores can be continued in two days and three nights.

The central thing

The central thing to recall on the Nag tibba trek track is that there is an absence of water here. Starting from Pantwari, water is available three to numerous times till Got Village, you can fill your compartment with it. After this, water is open simply in the pool near the asylum of Nag Devta at Nag tibba base camp, which may not be liked by clean people.

There are two distinct ways of drinking this water, potentially you have a little channel on the other hand expecting you to have a cooking device like gas or broiler, you can bubble water on it and drink it. In light of everything, it is ideal to convey water from the Pantwari underneath. Accepting you make an effort not to convey the weight of water and its sum, a jackass ought to be conceivable, which will take your belongings to close by water with delight and on this appearance you can in like manner give work to someone in the mountain.

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