A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Create Custom Boxes with real world examples

Are you wondering how to give your product an excellent look from the exterior? We know it’s not an easy task to select durable and enticing packaging at the same time. Sometimes making decisions is difficult.

We know that in this critical situation you will take help from Google. That’s why we are here to provide you with the right and perfect guidelines that will help your products look bewitching in appearance. The most outstanding packaging that will help your brand to grow faster and faster in the market is custom boxes.

The customizable boxes are not ordinary ones. They come up with a variety of features that will help your product to beat others. You can create them according to your choices by selecting any shape, style, design, and add-on features. In addition, you can also window patching features to make them glamorous.

Don’t worry, custom packaging companies allow you to select any feature that will suit your product and match your brand personality. Furthermore, you can also select a scheme that will go right for you. Other than that, talking about their best feature is that they have the greatest durability.

So, they successfully provide your product with complete protection from external environmental conditions like sun rays. Do extra efforts and give your products great hype. Instead of going for plain packaging, you should select custom boxes the USA.

They will improve your brand’s worth and also the products’ shelf life. In this article, you will learn about the guidelines that will help you to create bonny custom boxes wholesale for your product packaging. Let’s have a look at these steps one by one.

A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Create Custom Boxes with real world examples
A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Create Custom Boxes with real world examples

Sturdy Packaging Materials Ensure Your Branded Items’ Safety

You know that highly durable materials for your product packaging matter. Choosing the wrong materials will create a lot of disturbance that is not good for the brand’s reputation.

We know you do not want to risk your company image. That’s why follow our instructions and select the right and most suitable packaging materials for your custom boxes.

The custom packaging companies like CBM provide you with various options in materials. All of them have their features and specificity that make them special for your packaging boxes. The options in materials are:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

Check them out in detail.

Kraft Packaging Boxes

Kraft is the most preferable material because it is affordable and other than coming up with a variety of advantages. Makeup brands use it especially for packaging their lipstick, lip balm, and face powder.

When these cosmetic items get packed in custom kraft boxes. Lipstick and lip balms become secure for longer times and they will outstandingly represent your brand. Other than that they will not cause any pollution in the environment.

Kraft is not of one type but it also comes up with various types. The different options are naturally brown, white, black, uncoated bleached kraft, clay-coated, and clay natural kraft. You can see that various options are available and you can select any one of them.

Biodegradable custom boxes are mostly the choice of brands because they do not want to leave behind their company’s carbon footprint. When a company takes care a lot about the environment it will undoubtedly get appreciation.

Custom-Made Boxes With Cardboard

Cardboard materials are more usable than other materials by brand. They have top-grade paper thickness than ordinary paper. So, they are perfect for providing safety to your glass products. The cardboard materials are of a variety of types, such as:

  • SBS C1S
  • SBS C2S
  • CCNB
  • Full Recycled CCNB

Cardboard paper materials consist of various types and you can select any one of them that is perfect for you. Custom boxes which consist of cardboard materials are highly durable. Cannabis products with cardboard remain secure for longer times.

As you know, CBD is a natural ingredient and it needs highly safe packaging. That’s why manufacturers choose cardboard boxes because they are durable. Moreover, come up with a variety of customization options. You can even use 4 color schemes to design them incredibly.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

You know chocolates or sweets are a high trend among people because they make them even more special. That’s why companies use cardboard corrugated boxes for their product packaging because they provide extreme protection.

Custom boxes with cardboard consist of flutes that make them durable. You can increase the number of flutes according to your demand. The more they are available inside the box, the more boxes become durable. So, choose custom corrugated chocolate boxes and make your brand everyone’s choice.

Rigid Custom Boxes Wholesale

For shipping purposes, rigid is the best material. They do not allow your product to get scratches or breakage because of its great thickness. These custom rigid boxes escape your product from scuffs, bumps, and exotic forces. So, choosing them for your product packaging is not a bad option.

Custom boxes with rigid materials are usually used by luxurious brands like jewelry, iPhones, and laptops. These boxes give a tempering look to products. That’s why manufacturers select them and give their products a unique identity.

A variety of options are available in the materials and you can pick any one of them for your custom packaging boxes. Choose the right one that will go perfectly for your product and its safety. When clients receive products in their original state. They will surely appreciate your brand’s services. Moreover, they will become loyal to your brand.

When customers show loyalty towards your company it means you will get success in the future. You will even get popular all around the world due to your great services.

Improve Your Customers’ Unboxing Experience With Custom Boxes

Manufacturers make the mistake of choosing durable materials but do not pay attention to the style of the box. Do you know how you represent your product in front of buyers? It makes your brand successful or fail.

But if you choose the right options in creating custom boxes for your products. You will never face failure. To increase your product’s worth in the market let’s choose the elegant opening styles from various options, such as:

  • Gable packaging boxes
  • Custom display boxes
  • Customized sleeve boxes
  • Tuck end packaging boxes
  • Custom hanger boxes
  • Boxes with lid
  • Rigid boxes with magnetic closure
  • Cardboard boxes with window
  • Custom boxes with the auto-locked bottom lid

Other than that, a variety of styles are also available and you can pick any one of them to give your products great visibility. Why are we telling you to pay attention to your packaging style? The reason behind when the opening is mind-blowing then the customers’ unboxing experience also improves.

Custom display boxes in retail stores give an exceptional view to buyers. They tell all of your brand’s story to buyers like your image is high. Moreover, they allure customers to your products and help you in achieving your target sales.

Not only style but shape also matters while designing custom boxes for your products. You know a pizza shape is a triangle. If you choose a triangle shape of custom pizza boxes it will become more attention-grabbing than a square one.

So, it’s a marketing strategy that will help your brand to grow faster and not stick at one point. Customized packaging boxes with great shape and style give high prominence to your packaging boxes.

Make Your Custom Packaging Boxes Understandable

You probably have seen some brands use custom boxes whose typography is unable to be understood by buyers. Due to this, their products will not get the appreciation that they deserve.

But, don’t worry, we are here to guide you so that you will not have to face problems like that in the future. Try to choose classy, traditional, and cultural fonts for your custom-printed boxes. Do not go for stylish and joint fonts because they will give your products an uninteresting look.

Many font options are available and you can pick one of them. Check them out.

  • Helvetica Neue
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Futura
  • Copper black
  • Chunk Five
  • Pacifico

You can also use fonts that are perfect for cardboard packaging boxes, which are:

  • Seaside resort
  • Nexa light
  • Museo Slab

So, a variety of fonts are available and you can select them according to your packaging material and product specification. Why are we highlighting this typography point? As you know, custom boxes are a source of communication with buyers through your company.

If buyers’ do not understand what you want to say to them through your packaging then how can they buy your products? For that, keep customers in your mind and then design your custom boxes wholesale. Don’t rush and make wrong decisions.

Keep your mind calm and do your research completely. After that select options that will sit perfectly with your custom box packaging.

Add Inserts To Increase Products’ Safety

We know cosmetic brands introduce one product in different shades. It doesn’t matter what the product is. Maybe it’s lipstick, lip balm, face powder, eye shadow, shampoo, and tonic. Every makeup item comes up in varieties.

So, to show them at a retail store you need custom boxes that have inserts. It will not only improve your product presentation but also show your brand is organized. Other than that, inserts provide safety to your product. They do not allow them to move even one inch from their position.

You can also choose any material for these inserts like kraft and cardboard. There are a variety of inserts available, such as:

  • Natural kraft paperboard inserts
  • Corrugated box divider
  • Folding carton box divider inserts
  • Standard white corrugated insert
  • PVC blister insert
  • HIPS blister insert
  • Natural kraft corrugated insert

Select any one of them and make your product secure for longer times from any scratches and breakage. Furthermore, cardboard inserts also help buyers to make selections quickly. If you place 100 lipsticks in custom display boxes that have no dividers it will give a messy appearance.

But if you use a counter display lipstick box that has dividers. It will give a great view and allow buyers to check products one by one. The organized behavior of your brand allows you to attract more buyers. Consequently, give a great boost to your sales in the market with custom boxes wholesale.

Do Add Inside Printing To Improve Product Appearance

A most interesting and eye-catching option that will only boost your brand’s value is adding printing inside the box. It will help your brand to tell your customers you are a high-class company. Moreover, you also take care of your customers by giving them a special feel.

These inside printing options of custom boxes increase the chances of getting customers’ attention. You can also write your brand’s story and eye-captivating message that will surprise buyers. Thus, when they open your box they will feel mesmerized

The pro tip does not use more than two fonts while writing messages inside the box because it may confuse buyers. So, bring easiness to your customers through your packaging instead of difficulties. The more you achieve, the more you take care of your clients.

Select Customizing Features That Will Bring Charm

The custom boxes that have add-on features will look more eye-catching than plain kraft boxes. The customization features impose a great impact on the view of cardboard boxes. Custom packaging companies offer various options in customization, such as:

  • Foiling
  • Coating
  • Window patching
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

It’s up to you what you want and how you want your product to look in front of others. There are a variety of options in foiling such as silver, green, pink, and golden. Each one has its shine and charm. All of them will show customizable boxes’ designs uniquely. You can also select hot and cold foil stamping. Moreover, you can also select embossing and debossing features. It will make your packaging shine differently.

The coatings also consist of various options and it makes the design remain safe for longer times. They work as a barrier that protects your packaging contents like designing, typography, and printing from getting damaged by moisture.

So, the various coating options that are available for custom boxes are:

  • Aqueous coating
  • UV coating
  • Spot UV gloss
  • Varnish
  • Lamination
  • Soft touch coating
  • Silk lamination
  • Anti-scratch lamination

Select any one of them and give your products a great presentation. Hence, you will confidently represent your products in front of others. Give a great boost to your sales with these perfectly customized wholesale boxes.

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