5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin’s New BFF

Do you want healthy skin? If yes, then you must follow a skincare routine. Skincare routines are meant to help improve the skin’s hydration and slow down aging. Thus, following a skincare routine ensures your skin is healthier and supple.

No skincare routine is complete without the use of cleansers. An example of such skin cleansers is glycolic acid cleansers, which will do wonders for your skin. Continue reading this article to find out 5 reasons why glycolic acid cleanser is your skin’s new BFF.

5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin's New BFF
5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin’s New BFF

1.  Glycolic Acid Prevents Acne

Most skin, especially the oily skin type, is likely to develop acne because of open pores and too much sebum. This is because glycolic acid helps peel off dead skin from the face, unclogging skin pores. After that, the skin becomes clearer and experiences fewer breakouts than before.

You will likely see the results one month after using glycolic acid to clear your acne. This is because your pores will be cleaner now and oil-free. After using glycolic acid for around two months, your skin tone will also improve. Thus, for even-toned skin, you should use a glycolic acid-based cleanser.

Additionally, a glycolic acid cleanser treats all kinds of acne, especially whiteheads. It also helps lock in moisture while getting rid of acne. It is therefore hydrating, making it a moisturizer.

5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin's New BFF
5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin’s New BFF

2.  Glycolic Acid Reduces Sun Damage

Skin damage caused by the sun is common, especially during summer, and it can be prevented using a glycolic acid cleanser. Sunburns usually result from exposure to the sun for a long time and then can be pretty painful.

Therefore, you must use serums such as glycolic acid cleansers to reduce sun damage. For effective results, you should use a glycolic acid cleanser daily. Different glycolic acid cleansers have different glycolic acid concentrations because of varying skin types. Therefore, cleansers with a low concentration of glycolic acid should be used on dry or normal skin. It is, therefore, important to buy a glycolic acid cleanser, depending on your skin type.

3.  Glycolic Acid Prevents Warts

Warts are raised fleshy bumps caused by the HPV virus (Human papillomavirus), which causes the

5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin's New BFF
Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin’s New BFF


production of excess keratin to develop on the skin. Therefore, you will likely have warts if your skin develops hard, painful bumps.

The good news is that a glycolic acid cleanser can eliminate warts and leave you smooth skin. Glycolic acid removes warts by breaking down the bonds of the outer layers of warts and penetrating the skin. The dead skin cells are also removed during the process. You will know when the wart goes away as it will no longer be visible or painful.


4.  Glycolic Acid Is Anti-Aging

Most people, especially women, like having younger-looking and healthy skin. Aging is caused by progression in age and factors such as oxidative stress, mutations, and stem cell depletion. Some habits, such as smoking and long sun exposure, can cause premature skin aging. Genes are another factor that can cause premature aging in individuals.

A study found that glycolic acid reduces some processes that cause premature aging. It also increases collagen production, making your skin look youthful. Your skin will also look younger after using the glycolic acid cleanser since it exfoliates and prevents hyperpigmentation.

5.  Glycolic Acid Acts as A Skin Brightener

Skin brightening has been there for years as people want to improve their appearance and eliminate dark spots, especially on their faces. In the past, however, people used harmful products such as arsenic to brighten their faces. However, in today’s day and age, people have shifted to safer ways to brighten their skin. One such way is using the glycolic acid cleanser daily on your skin.

The glycolic acid cleanser also helps eliminate dark spots such as freckles and liver spots. This cleanser also helps exfoliate your skin and build up thick healthy skin through collagen production. It is possible to start seeing results a few weeks after using the glycolic acid cleanser. However, the change will be evident after 6 to 8 months.

5 Reasons Why Glycolic Acid Cleanser Is Your Skin's New BFF
Glycolic Acid Cleanser

Wrapping Up

Nothing improves your confidence like a cleanser since you will look good even without makeup. The glycolic acid cleanser will help you achieve confidence as it also helps shield your skin from the sun. Therefore, it can be used as sunscreen, especially during the summer when there’s more heat.

The glycolic acid also helps remove warts and even smoothen your skin afterward. Warts are a skin condition caused by HPV, which makes the skin hard and painful. Premature aging caused by smoking or long exposure to the sun can also be reversed by using this cleanser. However, it is best to visit a doctor if they do not go away after using glycolic acid.

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